Encore une fois - new sashes!

Written by Katie Wagstaff


Posted on September 24 2021

I'll start with the elephant in the room... HI! I've done a terrible job of keeping this blog updated with launches and news, and tbh in the past year there's been quite a lot of both. However, given many other things that have happened in the last year, I'm forgiving myself for it and moving swiftly on.

So, hello! A bit of a story. Sashes? Well, they've been a staple Oh Squirrel product since the very beginning. An accidental success story on the back of making one for a friend that turned into once of the most loved products that this brand is well known for. That's a good part of the story! The story progresses that as this trend for more design-led hen party products grew (a trend I think I did have quite a bit to do with!), so did the 'market share', and a few years ago they trailed off quite a bit. Although it was sad, it meant I had time to work on other areas of the business and grown them to be a bigger success too, but I've never quite let sashes go...

The thing is, when you buy a party sash from the high street or some places online... you're getting something pretty basic. What I've always strived to create is something that will last a good few parties, be personal to different peoples' tastes, and inclusive of sizing too.

In January of this year I announced via Instagram that sashes were being rested for a while. There were certain elements about them that weren't sitting well with me and I wanted to work to improve them. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure all party accessories purchased from Oh Squirrel have a long life to them, as the idea of being wearable for just one even then thrown in the bin isn't what it should be about.

So, phase one of the big sash update (uncore une fois if you'll humour me, best mates if you get the reference) are these beauties - foil printed sashes made from beautiful satin ribbon.

The biggest update on them is the font. Lies, it's not a font, it's my handwriting. It made a lot of sense to make this move, and it's been in the works for about 5 years now, but it's finally here and it prints like a dream on this beautiful ribbons. Even the custom sashes can be printed with your name in my handwriting too. 

I have 8 beautiful colours of ribbon for you to choose between. Light blue and lilac get my vote, but the green is just behind that. The gold foil lettering is so shiny! I'll be the first to say, so shiny that the photographs don't really do them justice. That's not me saying the wonderful photographer who took these photos didn't do a sterling job, it's simply that gold foil is very tricky to capture, simply as it reflects the light. Bottom line on this is trust me, they're beautiful.

There's sashes for all the occasions as before, and if you want one for something you can't find, just get in touch and we'll make your dreams come true! Similarly on size. I hate the idea of there being a 'standard' measurement, because there's no such thing as a 'standard' person, however if I had to ask every individual who bought one to whip out a tape measure and tell me the exact length they'd like theirs, I'd never sell any. So how it works is simple - think 180cm won't be right? Just pop me a message before ordering telling me what you would like instead and that can be sorted. I'm still not making sashes for kids though, adults only please!

The great thing about these sashes being made to order is that for now they simply just exist as rolls of ribbon in the store room. That means any ribbon could become any sash, which makes so much more sense than having lots of stock of everything. Plus, it means that personalisation can happen!

On the ribbon, if you've had a ribbon sash from Oh Squirrel before, you'll notice that these new ribbons are super snazzy and fancy. If after wearing it you store it away well (perhaps in the packaging box it comes in, which is fully recyclable) then you could either wear it at another birthday or pass it on to someone else for their hen... depending on the occasion there is the opportunity for plenty of reuse!
I'm excited to launch these beautiful classy new sashes! There's birthday sashes, hen do sashes, baby shower sashes, and they're all made to order with care. I look forward to hopefully making one for you!

Any questions on the sashes, please send an enquiry 



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