The Whole Hen Party Range!

If you've been enjoying reading product stories on this website, the hen party one truly is a tale! It started from making a sash for a friend as a bit of fun, as nothing else nice was available. Then another friend got married, so another sash was requested.... then the internet saw these original creations back in 2012, and fast forward rather a few years later and thousands have been made!

Oh Squirrel sashes are different as they have a lot of attention to detail, and are the kind of piece that you'd keep in your memory box forever, or pass on to a very lucky friend. Although the market for 'Bride Merch' is pretty saturated now, Hen Party Sashes (and badges too) remain a popular item to be handmade in the studio, with many customers coming back year after year after year. 

With plenty of choice and options to customise, enjoy browsing the range!

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