Personalised Name Velvet Hoop - perfect as a place setting

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Velvet Colour: Soft Blue

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Hoops are marvellous as decor throughout the home, but why not give them a use at the dinner table too? A personalised hoop would make a delightful surprise gift to be found at the table, and kept as a decoration for many years to come. A thoughtful and personal party favour.

These hoops are personalised with the name of your choice. The name will be wrote out in beautiful handwriting, and printed onto your choice of velvet colour, in gold foil lettering. 

There are special offers when buying multiple hoops of the same colour. To add hoops in other colours too, please add to your basket separately.

How to Order:

  • Leave the name / names of your choice in the box above, it will be wrote out beautifully for you. Please note, proofs will not be sent.
  • The shorter the name, the better it will fill the space on the hoop. Full names are not advised.
  • Choose your velvet colour from the choice of 7 beautiful shades of cotton velvet. Scroll through the photographs to see examples of each.


  • Place setting hoops are the 'small' hoops, measuring approx 10cm / 4inch
  • You could hang your hoop on your wall on a small hook using the mechanism at the top, or tie a piece of ribbon on it to hang it from.
  •  Colours may vary slightly depending on the colours of your screen
  • There is a small needle shape hole in each hoop ring, this is because traditionally, hoops are used as embroidery tool, therefore this is where the needle would be stored when not stitching. This is part of the charm of the piece and not a defect. This is visible in product photography, but the location of it varies on each hoop.
  •  Hoops are finished tidily at the back. Please DO NOT untwist the screw at the top of the hoop, as if you loosen the velvet, it will be difficult to get it back in the frame. Oh Squirrel cannot accept any responsibility for damage to your hoops caused by doing this.
  •  Please do not wash or iron - if your hoop becomes marked, it is recommended to gently clean the area with something gentle, such as a baby wipe, and then ensure the velvet settles in the direction of the pile
  • Keep away from children - this is not a toy. Please do not display the hoop within reach of children.  

Although photographed on a place, hoops certainly are not edible!