Custom Wording Bouquet Ribbons for Weddings and other Celebrations - 'Luxury Ribbon'

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Ribbon Colour
Do you need a proof before printing?

They’re here! After a long time in development, custom bouquet ribbons are finally available to order. Due to the bespoke nature and newness of this product, please carefully read through all of the information below before ordering, as there's plenty to tell you!

Bouquet ribbons are suitable for weddings for the bride(s), groom(s) or the entire wedding party, for special birthdays or presenting around flowers for congratulations, new babies, jobs or any kind of celebration. These luxurious ribbons are beautiful double sided satin, and are intended to be used to display around the home after use. They look beautiful around dried flowers as well as fresh ones. You could tie it around a memory box after use or display in any number of creative ways.

The wording for your ribbon will be artworked in handwriting just for you rather than created with a font, making these special pieces something to cherish, unique to you. 

Although these ribbons are photographed here around flowers, there’s limitless possibilities of what you can use them for! Over the next few months, there will be further ribbon based products launched for lots of decorative uses and occasions.

These ribbons would also be suitable for hand fasting, however please refer to a guide to find out the lengths required for this.

Product details

  • Ribbons measure 50mm wide
  • Choose from a choice of 10 colours as pictured on the colour cards
  • The default ribbon for a bouquet is 2m, however you can choose any length up to 5m, in 1m intervals.
  • Double faced satin ribbon
  • Ribbons cut diagonal at ends
  • Your ribbon will be sent as one continuous piece, if you’d prefer otherwise please advise when ordering.

Ribbon colours

  • You can choose between 10 colours for your ribbon, please see supporting images to see examples
  • The wording shows up strongest on the darker colours ribbons, so if this is important to you then the burgundy, navy blue, bottle green, moss or burnt orange would be the best colours to choose. The main image shows 'Bottle Green'
  • The gold lettering shows up in a more subtle way on the peach, dusky pink or lilac ribbon - it’s not recommended choosing these colours if you want your ribbon to show up clearly in photographs (but these colours are beautiful if you want your wording to be something just for you to see up close).
  • Your ribbon is printed with gold foil lettering - due to the nature of the surface print on the shiny ribbon, certain parts of the ribbon may take the print better than others based on the formation of the letters.
  • You can purchase colour samples of the ribbon here - please do not purchase the colour card at the same time as your ribbon as they will be shipped together

Personalisation details

  • You can personalise your ribbon with upto 12 words.
  • Your ribbon is printed with Oh Squirrel owner Katie’s handwriting, which if you’re familiar with the brand you will know is stylised with exaggerated letters based on how words form. With this in mind, your wording will be artworked to fit the ribbon as best as possible. You can choose to receive a proof of how your wording will look for a further £10 which will include one round of adjustments. If you choose to not have a proof then the overall look of your wording will be based on the designer’s best judgement.
  • Your words will be repeated within the print at the designer’s discretion - for example ‘forever and ever’ will appear approx 6 times on a 2m ribbon, whereas ‘Congratulations Mia, you did it!’ has a repeat of approx 3 times on a 2m piece. Until the wording is wrote out it’s not possible to know how many repeats there will be.
  • It is possible that your wording may not fill the entirety of the ribbon, however I will do my best to get the loveliest looking coverage that I can for you!
  • Custom wording should be personal to you, so choose something special, whether it be your names and the wedding date, the place where you met, the words you proposed with, your vows or just something that mean a lot to you. Please don’t request anything that infringe’s trademarks or copyright, or would cause any offence. If unsure, please check before ordering.
  • If it’s important to you where the print will fall when tied in a bow and what words will be visible, it’s recommended to purchase a longer length ribbon than what you will need so you’ve got more flexibility.


Please allow upto two weeks between ordering and your ribbon being dispatched. Postage time will be on top of this. If you need a ribbon sooner than this, please send an email before ordering stating what you need and when you need it by. This is important as not all ribbon colours will be in stock at any time, so all this info will help give you some options!

If you choose to receive a proof, this will be sent via email within 3 working days of purchase. Please keep an eye on your emails and spam box. If a reply isn’t received within a further 3 working days then the ribbon will be printed without approval to avoid delay.

Care Information

  • To trim your ribbon to size or tidy the edges, follow the cut line that’s already there. Cutting your ribbon on the diagonal helps prevent fraying.
  • Ribbons cannot be washed, if in the event that your ribbon because dirty, try wiping with a baby wipe or similar product - this may cause further staining so is at your own risk.
  • Your ribbon is printed on the surface only, therefore abrasion may cause the print to fade. After tying a knot in any part of the printed area, you may notice this more significantly if the knot is untied due to the pressure of your knot.
  • Due to the nature of the surface print, certain parts of the ribbon may take the print better than others based on the formation of the letters
  • Once you receive your ribbon, it's recommended to hang it to get any creases out. If required, your ribbon can be ironed - please use a low heat setting and have something between your iron and the ribbon, such as a tea towel. 

Safety Information

  • Keep away from flames
  • Keep out of reach of children - ribbons pose a risk of strangulation

FAQs on Ribbon

Although these ribbons are only just launching, there’s already been plenty of questions.

Can I have a different colour / width than those pictured?

For the moment, no, it’s just these colours which give a good variation and fit into different palettes. If the ribbons grow to be successful then more will be added into the range. Further widths for different purposes will be added into the range within the next few months too.

Can I send you a ribbon I’ve sourced to print on?

Again, sorry it’s another no. Months of development has gone into sourcing the best qualities of ribbon to print on, therefore it would be a little complicated to print on anything else.

I’d like longer wording than 12 words, can I have that?

Possibly. Please send an email advising what wording you’d like and I will get back to you. It restricts the possible lengths of the ribbon that can be offered if the wording is long, and as the handwriting isn’t a font with set measurements it’s not as easy as just adjusting it. There will be a further charge for longer wording to cover extra art working + admin time.

I’ve got an amazing idea using your printed ribbon for my wedding, can I talk to you about ordering large quantities?

OMG PLEASE! I have big ideas about these ribbons so if you want to chat about that then please send an email. As much info about what you have in mind and any dates would be great to know.

I’m a florist / other wedding industry professional and would love to offer your ribbons to my clients! Can we chat?

Absolutely.  For 2022 I’d love to partner with florists / venues on decorative ribbons, please send an email to discuss. 

 Flowers / props not included

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Please note the above only takes into consideration the time to make / pack your order.

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