An original and elegant way to keep your invitations concise and easy. Each contains hand pressed flowers, grown in England.

  • Each invitation contains a mix of pressed flowers (approx 5 per invitation). We can source different flowers at client request.
  • Made with a high level of craftsmanship, each invitation is stitched together to with the flowers free to move inside
  • Hand lettering of your names 
  • Postcard Size - A6 (approx 10 x 15cm) 
  • Grey envelopes provided - other colours can be sourced
The invitation was designed to the couples specifications, however we can easily amend anything (sizes/pieces/illustrations etc) to match what you both have in mind.

  • Package of 50 invitations as per the above specification - £200 + VAT 
  • Package of 50 invitations as per the above specification, with envelopes addressed - £275 + VAT 
  • Package of 50 invitations as per specification, with an RSVP card and envelope - £275 + VAT
  • Package of 50 invitations as per above specification, but with the reverse of the postcard artworked as an information sheet - £250 + VAT
To place an enquiry about booking this invitation suite or something similar for your big day, have a read through of our Booking Page and then get in touch