Your Order of Service is one of the most personal parts of your big day. We love creating a beautiful document, which is both useful on the day and a as keepsake after for your guests.

Images below show pieces we've worked on for clients previously.

Prices for our order of services vary depending on the amount of detail required, and the number of pages in the document.
  • Package of 50 x 4 Page Order of Services (front, 2 pages inside and back page) - printed on textured card stock - £150 + VAT
  • Package of 50 x 8 Page Order of Services (front, 6 pages inside and back page) printed on textured paper, with the spine stitched together - £225 + VAT
  • Prices include using artwork from our archive (or from your invitations if we have previously worked on these for you) - We can create bespoke illustrations at a small surcharge.

We have worked on dozens of Order of Services, all of which have been entirely different and personal. If you don't know where to start with compiling the copy for your Order of Service, then we have a wealth go knowledge that we're always happy to share with clients, so please don't hesitate to mention this when submitting your enquiry.