All good ideas come from somewhere; many of our products have been born out of eureka moments, whereas others have a more poignant story behind them.

Hen Party Sashes
Oh Squirrel founder Katie designed our first hen party sash back in 2010, as a guest at a hen party for a close friend, unable to find anything tasteful. The friend in question was a bridal designer, so it was key to design something elegant and stylish, rather than buy into the widely available fuchsia tat. A few years later, Katie popped a photo of said sash on instagram, and enquiries started to flood in. Fast-forward to 2017 and about 7,000 sashes later, our incredibly original and personal hen party sash design is going from strength to strength.

When Katie was small, she had the pleasure of having her grandparents living just down the road. Grandad Arthur was a very special chap indeed, always with a supply of chocolate raisins and daft stories, and once presented Katie with a faded yellow pencil with 'genius at work' printed on it. A few years back, Katie searched high and low to buy some of these pencils, but found they were impossible to located, so sourced a way to have pencils printed in gold foil with this wording, just for her own pleasure. Once again, after posting a photograph online, the demand was through the roof, so she designed a little range around it, and our 'jolly good pencils' range was born.

Glitter Prints
It was a grey Saturday night in North London, and Katie was faffing around with a box set on the telly and a million things to do, but no inclination to do any of them. Sick of the 'she believed she could so she did' prints, Katie thought of a more apt version with 'so she bloody got on with it' and chuckled to herself, intending to make one to pop on her own wall. After having a little online research (the best ideas always seem to come when out of the studio on a weekend!) she found that most prints were two dimensional and anything printed with glitter seemed to just be a print of glitter, rather than the sparkle itself. So, the next day she got up bright and early and went into the studio and had a little go at making this print with actual glitter... and it worked! Our glitter prints have gone on to cover many messages and inspire hundreds of people. We are incredibly proud of this, long may it continue.