We have put together the following FAQ to help with both planning your wedding stationery, and knowing a little more about what we do. We’ve spent a lot of time putting this together to be as helpful as possible, however if there is anything you’d still like to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What makes Oh Squirrel Wedding Stationery so special?
When it comes to weddings, you have a lot of options out there. The wedding industry is huge, and dare we say it, quite intimidating. Our approach to all our products, both bespoke and from the shop is simply to offer something different. 
Oh Squirrel owner Katie first started designing and making Wedding Stationery back in 2012, and draws on her vast experience and knowledge with every couple she works with. Materials and equipment used vary from handwriting pens, to watercolours, the heat press and the sewing machine. Katie is an incredibly creative and organised individual, very much born to design and make wedding stationery as she will be the master of both the creative process and your wedding spreadsheets!
The main point of difference is the fact that we ‘make’ your stationery, not simply design it and have it printed elsewhere. Whilst we have a lot of love for many talented designers who do this, it’s not our style, as we love to special touches and attention to detail that can only be included by having full creative control over the process.

What are you minimums?
We’ve worked on weddings for 20 people… and wedding for 300 people. We are entirely flexible with minimums, however please note that the cost per person of a smaller wedding will be higher, as we still have to factor in the design time to the price.

Can you send us a sample?
Absolutely. Due to everything being handmade with incredible attention to detail, we don’t have an ample amount of samples, however if you can get in touch the normal booking way, sharing as much information as possible, then we will get something sent out to you that goes with what you have in mind.

When do I need to send my invitations out?
Typically, invitations are sent out 3-6 months before the big day, if Save the Dates are sent out first. Save the Dates are usually sent out as soon as you book your wedding, just to ensure that all the important folk in your life simple ‘save the date’. If you book your wedding and it is less than a year away, then some couple opt to not bother with Save the Dates, and go straight to Invitations, opting to send them out a little bit earlier.

What are your leadtimes for Wedding Invitations?
Typically, from first sample to you receiving your invitations it will take approximately one month, however please factor in time for enquiries and quotes. Below is a brief critical path:

Week One

  • Enquiry sent, detailing all the important information
  • Studio to reply with an initial quote.

Week Two

  • Pending the quote being approved, either a phone meeting or an appointment to be scheduled. Appointments may not be available the same week, so please take this into consideration.
  • Meeting either in person or on the phone. Updated quote sent and deposit paid by clients. 

Week Three

  • Clients to receive their first set of samples and provide feedback as soon as possible.

Week Four

  • Studio to address comments from the samples, and send a new set for final approval. Please note that if an additional set of samples is required before production, this will impact on the delivery time and also include a surcharge for additional design work. 
  • Once approval has been given, all materials will be ordered.

Week Five

  • Studio to commence production of samples.

Week Six

  • Completion of your wedding stationery! We will either arrange postage for you (at client’s cost) or you’re very welcome to book an appointment to collect from the studio. 


What ‘On the Day’ pieces can you produce?
Typically speaking, any paper part of your wedding is something we can do. Pieces include (but are not limited to):
  • Order of Services
  • Place Settings
  • Menus
  • Table Plans
  • Order of the Day Boards
  • Signs
  • Thank You cards
  • Special cards for the bridal party
  • Favours - such as personalised seed packets
Additionally, we make personalised banners which can be used in many different ways on your big day.

Can you recommend a photographer/florist etc?
Having worked in the industry for five years, we have a large network of people and services we’ve worked with whom we can highly recommend. Once you are our client, we really do love to give you as much knowledge as possible, so at our meeting if there is a particular service you’re looking for please let us know. 

We have a budget of <insert figure here> - what can you do?
If you have a specific budget in mind, then letting us know up front is great. We are very flexible with options, so for example, you could choose to leave our RSVP cards and just include an RSVP phone number on the invitations if you wanted to save a few pounds. If we know of budget restraints upfront then we can work to this and only show options that fit within it.

We need something within the next few weeks, is there anything you can do?
Typically speaking we are booked up in advance, however it is always worth asking. Please get in touch by email, letting us know as much information as possible and we’ll let you know what we can do.

We need invitations in two different languages, is this something you can help with?
Absolutely! Something we have done on many occasions! As long as you provide the wording, we can work with that. There will be an additional art working cost to produce two sets of artwork (one for each language) but we will include this in our quote if it’s something you’d like to consider. 

How do we word our invitations?
At our meeting we will show you lots of samples of wedding invitations for you to see - we’ve had clients with very laid back wording, and some with traditional and formal; you can then decide what works best for you.

Can you write our invitations and envelopes?
We offer a handwriting service using owner Katie’s stunning handwriting, which is detailed here. Please allow an additional week within your lead-time for us to do this, pending on the quantity. 

Is there a minimum spend on bespoke products?
A minimum spend of £100.00 will need to be covered. 

Where can I find more information about pricing?
We have that all for you here.

We like too many different things, can you help us whittle it down?
This is something we’re particularly good at, as Pinterest has made everyone a fan of everything! There are so many beautiful styles out there that it is easily done. When we’re discussing your designs, we will work out what elements are most important to you and ensure they’re included. There are clever ways of crossing over two styles too, which is something we do well. If there are any personal special touches you would like to ensure are included, please just let us know; the joy of working bespoke is that you really can create something that is entirely ‘you’.

What information goes in an Order of Service?
With an order of service, there tends to be two options - one just has a brief overview of what is happening in the service (more suited to a blessing) and the other will details the hymns and readings (more suited to a church service). Depending on your requirements, we can show you examples of each.
For a church service, often the Order of Service wording will be provided by the church, but we always welcome personal touches, such as a back page of thank yous. 

Can you do hot foiling?
We don’t offer hot foiling, however if you would like to include metallics into your stationery, we have a range of processes that we use instead of this. Additionally, we don’t offer letterpress at the moment.

Have you won any awards?
In 2015 Oh Squirrel was awarded the BridalNEXT Winner in Wedding Services by Rock & Roll Bride.
Additionally, Tatler magazine have named Oh Squirrel as one of the ‘poshest stationery shops’.