Bumper Birthday Bundle - Set of 20 Birthday Cards

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Fancy getting prepared for a lot of birthdays? This bumper set of cards features 20 Oh Squirrel favourites.
This set features:
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ pressed flower imagery card
  • ‘Let’s celebrate’ pressed flower imagery card
  • ‘Yippee! Hooray!’ pressed flower imagery card
  • ‘Hip Hip Hooray’ leaf border card
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ floral border card
  • ‘Birthday Love to you’ hand lettered card
  • ‘You really are wonderful’ hand lettered card
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ floral chalkboard card
  • ‘You are bloody brilliant’ floral chalkboard card
  • ‘Birthday Babe’ polka dot heart card
  • ‘You’re the best’ polka dot heart card
  • ‘Birthday Babe’ biodegradable glitter card 
  • ‘You are as great as a dress with pockets’ biodegradable glitter card 
  • ‘You are the bee’s knees’ biodegradable glitter card 
  • ‘You are flipping fantastic’ biodegradable glitter card 
  • ‘It’s my birthday so don’t bloody ask me to do anything’ Badge Card
  • ‘Here for the Cake’ Badge Card
  • ‘Birthday Babe’ Badge Card
  • ‘Best Birthday Ever’ Badge Card
  • ‘Ready to Party’ Badge Card

Each card set offers a little discount based on buying all the cards separately, and gives you a lovely stock of cards to have to hand. Packs of cards also make a great gift themselves; you can choose to receive the cards in a gift box or without by selecting the option of your choosing.  

Gift Boxes are optional

Gift boxes measure 173x238x20mm and will be finished with a ribbon and sticker detail (no wheat included!). 

If you choose to purchase the set of cards without the gift box, they will be posted out in a paper gift bag with a branded sticker.

If stock runs out on any of these cards, they may be substituted with something similar. It's not possible to request to swap any cards.
Packs of cards are made to order and will be posted within approx 3 working days of your order date.