Custom Special Word Velvet Hoop

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Size: Small (4 inch / 10 cm)

Velvet Colour: Soft Pink

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Type the word you would like on your hoop here (one word only)

A beautiful decoration for the home, these hoops are decorated with Oh Squirrel owner Katie’s handwriting, printed on a stunning shade of velvet. The velvet is printed with gold lettering, and framed in an embroidery hoop. Please kindly note the lettering is printed and not embroidered.

This hoop can be personalised with a word of your choice to help inspire you throughout the year and beyond. Need an extra reminder to be resilient or planning a personal reset for the year? Choose a word that means something special to you. Please kindly note, no personalisation other than a single word is available at this time (i.e. custom quotes / words). If you're unsure, please email before ordering.

Delivery Information
The Velvet Edit is available to preorder. Your hoop will be made to order within 1-2 weeks of your order date. Please kindly remember that anything else you order on the same order number will be sent together.

How to Order:

Leave the word of your choice in the box at the top and then select the colour for the velvet from the options listed. Due to the preorder aspect of this Velvet Edit, artwork may take approx 1 week to be emailed to you. When you've received your artwork, please send a reply to confirm you're happy, and I'll get this printed and made for you. I've been finding lots of the artwork emails go to spam inboxes so please keep an eye on this. If I don't hear back within 5 working days, I will proceed with the order to avoid further delay.

Scroll through the photographs to see the various velvet colours offered. On the main product images the samples are 'Reset' - Soft Pink, 'Strength' - Orange, 'Resilience' Mustard.

Hoops are the perfect way to add a little texture and colour to your interiors - they can fill a small, tricky space within a gallery wall, or look wonderfully at home on a shelf. Hang in a living room, hallway, bedroom - on their own or with other hoops to accompany them. They look beautifully displayed with hand lettered foil prints available elsewhere in the shop too.

You could hang your hoop on your wall on a small hook using the mechanism at the top, or tie a piece of ribbon on it to hang it from.

• Choose from 3 sizes - 'Reset' is small (4 inch), 'Strength' is medium (6 inch), 'Resilience' is large (8 inch)
• Colours may vary slightly depending on the colours of your screen
• There is a small needle shape hole in each hoop ring, this is because traditionally, hoops are used as embroidery tool, therefore this is where the needle would be stored when not stitching. This is part of the charm of the piece and not a defect. This is visible in product photography, but the location of it varies on each hoop.
• Hoops are finished tidily at the back. Please DO NOT untwist the screw at the top of the hoop, as if you loosen the velvet, it will be difficult to get it back in the frame. Oh Squirrel cannot accept any responsibility for damage to your hoops caused by doing this.
• Please do not wash or iron - if your hoop becomes marked, it is recommended to gently clean the area with something gentle, such as a baby wipe, and then ensure the velvet settles in the direction of the pile
• Keep away from children - this is not a toy. Please do not display the hoop within reach of children.