Finding the right hen party sash for a stylish Bride to Be

Written by Katie


Posted on July 28 2022

It's a problem Oh Squirrel have been fixing for many years now - making actual nice sashes for hen parties. I came across the problem initially over a decade ago when I was looking for one for a friend so decided to make my own. When I started Oh Squirrel, it became a bit of a happy accident that it then became a product.

As weddings feel even more special after the last couple of years, I wanted to relaunch hen do sashes with a bang this year. There are so many new styles - this post celebrates just a few of them and who may love them.


The hen party sash for the bride who wants to look great on instagram and tiktok

This hen do sash is for the bride who wants everyone to know that they are the bride! It's a magical sash in the most perfect of peach colours with a fun gold fringe edge. It's so cute that even the most hating of sash brides will swoon over this one. Bonus points for how good it'll look as a boomerang with the cute fringe trim moving on the dance floor!

Gold fringe detail hen party sash from £25


The hen party sash for the bride who loves wearing colours

Whether the phrase 'dopamine dressing' fills you with glee or eyerolls, it's hard to ignore the trend of dressing for joy in 2022. These simple ribbon sashes are available in a number of different colour combinations and are fully personalised too. The cute zig zag detail is inspired by ric rac found in haberdasheries - a really cute sash for standing out in!

Zig zag edge sash - personalised version from £14


The hen party sash for the bride who will only wear black (as I write this I realised I want to now design a whole goth hen party range)

It's worth noting that most of the ribbon sashes are also available in black (there's options within each product) however this sophisticated hen party sash is perfect for a bride who wants to not only be subtle but straight to the point too. 'The Bride' is in handwriting, printed in shiny gold foil. It's a stylish hen party sash - I've seen plenty of black hen do sashes over the years but they tend to be using garish colours and font - this one I feel would satisfy even the most picky of brides.

Gold foil handwriting sash, from £10


The hen party sash for the bride who loves vintage

Perfect to pair with a vintage frock or pose in front of the old fashioned car of dreams whilst wearing! This rose print is just dreamy, as is the cute frilly edge.

Ruffle edge sash - from £25


The hen party sash for the bride who doesn't really like the extra attention

If you're hen party planning for a bride who doesn't always want to be the centre of attention, but you think would still appreciate something to make them feel special, then this sash is a really good choice. It's simple, subtle and easy. It's worth pointing out that the ribbon used on these sashes is satin finished, and will be shipped to you in a box so you shouldn't get any nasty folds which look unsightly in photos. They will appreciate the thought gone into this.

Fancy font sash, from £10


The hen party sash for the bride who had a lockdown wedding

'Just Married' doesn't need to be reserved for wedding cars, why not have it on a sash? There will be a lot of brides catching up on their hen do if they had a wedding during the panedmic and are still owed a special celebration with their pals. This sash is so fancy, fun and retro looking - you can have whatever you like printed on it so if your bride isn't a lockdown bride, they can still have one! Other colour combinations available too. 

Ruffle edge sash from £20 


All sashes can be made in different sizes too - the details of how to order can be found by clicking on each image.

Still not found the right sash? There are lots more in the Oh Squirrel online shop for you to choose between - this is just a little selection of what's available. New fabrics and styles are added every few months too.





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