Anything you've seen on this website with lovely script on is made using my own handwriting - it's not a skill I've learnt, but just something I've done naturally my whole life. When asked about it I always say that I can't sing or dance (although sometimes I think I can...) but I can write really rather nicely. 

I use a range of techniques to apply it to products - sometimes the origins are using an iPad and Pencil, and sometimes just a simple fineliner on the back of an envelope - some of the best selling products on this website have this very humble beginnings!

I believe that everyone should like their own handwriting, which is why during Lockdown I started the #handwritingwithohsquirrel workshops on Instagram, where through a series of videos I shared techniques on how to improve your own, and develop your own style. It's something I plan to do more of with workshops in the future.

I want you to know - it's not calligraphy, it's handwriting. I've passed up many opportunities when someone has contacted me looking for a calligrapher for a project and I've said bluntly, this is not what I do - I'm proudly a hand-writer!

Are you looking for handwriting services for your own business? I'm able to offer the following services:
Envelopes + Invitation Writing
Logo Design
Board / Window Display Writing
Lettering for Digital Marketing / Social Media
Bespoke Artwork + Murals
Event Design Details
In Store Events - I have previously worked on these with Fortnum & Mason and Not on the High Street

Prices for all of these services (and anything similar which is not listed) are available upon enquiry.

Please email with as many details about the project as possible, including location, time scales, quantity and budget. I am only able to take a small number of external projects on each year, and as my handwriting is truly personal to me, I only want to use it on projects I'm passionate about.

I am based in London, and available to travel if budget permits.