How quickly can I receive my purchase?
Please visit the 'delivery' page to find out more. If unsure, please get in touch via email before purchasing. Oh Squirrel is a small studio and not a big corporation who guarantee next day delivery at any cost. Orders are generally sent within a few days of purchase (with the exception of made to order pieces), but you must allow time for the postie to do their thing too. 

How much is postage?
Information about delivery costs can be found here.

Do you do custom quotes on prints or hoops?
Sometimes - please email to enquire.

Can I use your photographs on my social media?
This is a long answer so please read carefully.

Please do not repost any photographs or content from this website or the Oh Squirrel Instagram account without prior written permission. To do so is a breach of copyright.

You are incredibly welcome (and appreciated!) to share posts from Instagram to your stories with Oh Squirrel credited. This is great as it helps people find out about the brand and find new customers. What is not ok is to steal content and repost it to advertise your own business. If in doubt, ask before posting. 

Now, if YOU take a wonderful photograph of your Oh Squirrel purchase and share it on social media I'd love to see it. I always seek permission before reposting on the Instagram grid. I don't take it as a given that I'm allowed to repost it, it's always a joy to see your purchases in their new homes.

Where does 'Oh Squirrel' come from?
The long version of the story is that the first origins of the brand were my making of cards and gifts as a bit of an extended hobby, using vintage finds and old fabrics that I had 'squirreled away', coupled together with a love for collecting old books with animal illustrations in. If you ask me face to face, I'm likely to point to my hair, which very much resembles a squirrel's bushy tail.

 I can't find something online that I've seen elsewhere, can you help?
Of course - pop an email with as much information as possible. Sometimes work is created in 'edits' as one off limited edition pieces, so it's possible you've seen something that's not currently available, but let's chat.

Do you have a shop?
YES! The Oh Squirrel shop will be opening it's doors in 2024 in London's most exciting district, Walthamstow. Information on visiting is here. 

Do you have any advice for anyone starting their own business?
Plenty! The main points are to be original, keep organised, find a niche and make sure it's something that you enjoy. If you want to turn your idea into a business it's going to mean a lot of hard work, long hours, great successes and real challenges too. 

Will you be doing more workshops?
Hopefully! Running card making / handwriting workshops is so much fun but requires a lot of organisation. If you're looking to run a corporate creative workshop as a team building exercise or for customers, please enquire as this is a possibility. 

I sent a DM but didn't hear back - can you help?
I love chatting to customers on Instagram, however the honest truth is that most of the social media for the brand is done outside of studio hours in my own time, therefore keeping up with DMs is something I can't always manage. For any queries relating to an order, a potential order, or anything that requires a response, please be sure to email instead.

Can I stock Oh Squirrel in my shop?
Please visit here for more information on how to apply to become a stockist.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please get in touch on email.