Welcome to the all new Oh Squirrel website

Written by Katie Wagstaff


Posted on September 06 2017

Something I've learnt along the journey of running a business is that things take time. That said, this website wasn't supposed to take quite as long as it did! 

I'll level, with you, the main reason this site took its sweet time is that there was always another priority. Another wedding client waiting in the wings, a new stockist, a product range to launch etc... so it kept slipping down the priority list. My thoughts are always to prioritise the things that pays the bills, and as the business has been growing over the past few years at a really great rate, this site never made it to the top of the agenda. In hindsight, I realise that not having a proper retail platform was a little bit daft, but I've forgiven myself because life is too short. 

So, it's finally here. The day this launches I will be sleeping well. I'm very excited to have all our products available for you to purchase in one place, with plenty of information about our bespoke services to hand too. It doesn't end here though... we have dozens of other products in work, and plan on having launches every few weeks so keep things fresh.

You may perhaps notice that this blog post is written in a different person and style to the rest of the site, which is the intention as I (Katie) want to make this blog a real platform to talk about what we do, whether that be about new things we're working on or just general day-to-day business ramblings. I've been really lucky to have so many great opportunities as part of running Oh Squirrel, and I'm keen to share more about the journey.

I'll keep it relatively concise. You'll be hearing plenty more if you subscribe and/or check back, and I'm very grateful for your visit. Please let me know what you think of the site, I'm very excited to finally be sharing it with you!

All photographs in this post are from a shoot with the marvellous Holly Booth. I will be writing a post about my experience of working with Holly shortly, so please pop back for that. 



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